White Oak Funding Co., LLC



Who we are:

White Oak Funding is a privately held company with the capital resources and expertise required to buy your real estate.

What we do:

We provide accelerated liquidity to an inherently illiquid market. When you or your client need to sell property fast. We can provide you with a competitive bid.

Who we serve:

White Oak Funding’s advertising directly targets the individual property owner whose circumstances require a faster sale than can be achieved through the traditional market.We are a solid resource for professionals such as brokers, attorneys or financial advisors who represent property owners.Working directly with White Oak Funding expedites an otherwise time consuming and costly process. For the institutional client we provide a professional counterpart with sufficient resources. Knowledge and flexibility to purchase an entire portfolio or individual assets.


White Oaks’s current advertising campaign covers the Southeast. Our committed goal is to be your buyer when and where you need us.

Why call White Oak Funding?

At White Oak Funding we can provide the best offer to the seller with fast. Reliable and consistent execution.Whether you are a financial institution. A professional or an individual real property owner. “When you need to sell, White Oak is your fastest way out!”

Need to Sell? White Oak Funding is your fastest way out!



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